Monday, November 19, 2012


I say 'fuck' a lot. I'm sort of known for it.
But if you want to know the truth, 'fuck' is sort of a pussy word. I mean it's too easy. Do you want to sound hard? Or pissed? Do you want to shock your audience into silence? Whip out a 'fuck'. You'll get the response you desire.

A well-deserved 'fuck' can feel so tremendously good in your mouth. It's spicy and masterful. But an overused 'fuck' becomes just the opposite: floppy, wimpy, tasteless. And that's what I'm here to warn against.

Let's, all of us, stop overusing the same old words, the easy words, the trendy words. Words like: awesome and super and ginormous and yes, even one of my favorites: fuck. And let's bring back words that have fallen into the backs of our closets and become forgotten. Words like: brazen and foisted and spritely and flibbertigibbet. 

Got any suggestions of your own? Let me know in a comment or on Twitter! @Literarygrrrl

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm a Drinker, I'm a Writer, and I'm a...


Since I launched this blog (yesterday!) I've been thinking about what I want my whole "blog identity" to be.

And oh my GAWD doesn't that sound pretentious. What does "blog identity" even mean? Why have an identity? Does my blog even NEED an identity? Isn't my blog identity just ME?

WAIT! Does my blog identity supercede my own identity? Will The Literarygrrrl become ME? *GASP* Has it already happened??

WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. Slow down, Grrrl.

All I mean is: what do I want to do with this blog? And so I looked back over my blog's mission statement: I write shit, I read shit, I drink shit, I talk shit.

So on this here blog I'll talk about what I write! And what I read! And what I drink! But I want to combine that in a fun sort of way. So I'm gonna pair book reviews with my experiments with adult beverages. Like, I'll review a book and share drinks that are inspired by the book, or by the author, or by the goofy-or-silly-or-sad-or-hopeful-or-angry-or-wistful way the book makes me feel.

BUT! This is NOT intended to be a book review site per se. This is The Literarygrrrl. Where I write shit and I read shit and I drink shit and I talk shit.

And now let me leave you with this Halloween-inspired picture of ZOMBIE DRINKS!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Friend Thea, The Book Vlogger


Let's talk about book reviews and indie publishing! And let's talk about one of my most successful author friends, Thea Isis Gregory. (Follow her!) (Read her blog!)

I met Thea on Twitter. We shared a common love of zombies, short stories, and getting silly-scared, so of course we hit it off write away. (See what I did there? Cute, huh?) She calls me Big Sis. I call her Canadian Sis. We're awesome.

And I've been way impressed watching Thea grow and evolve as a writer. She started out indie publishing like me. Since then, though, she's been published by a small-but-up-and-coming press, Curiosity Quills and has ventured into book review vlogging. She's even been kind enough to vlog her reviews of a few of my stories:  

She wears a jaunty cap. She has an adorable accent. She writes. She vlogs. She's my Canadian sister Thea.

Just Popped My Blogger Cherry!


Welcome to my uncensored brain. Know me from twitter? (Follow me!) Then you already know that I have a penchant for broadcasting every scandalous thought I have. And I DO mean every thought: however dangerous. Up til now Twitter has been my only outlet. Well, now, the seamy underbelly of my intellect has its own address.
Ready for it?

Like my bio says: I write shit, I read shit, I drink shit, and I talk shit. So you can expect this blog to be full of shit.
Shit like: updates and links to my new (and previously published) books, adventures in BBQ sauce and adult beverage experimentation, book reviews (Interested authors contact me here), and any spastic ramblings that find their way to my page.