Monday, November 19, 2012


I say 'fuck' a lot. I'm sort of known for it.
But if you want to know the truth, 'fuck' is sort of a pussy word. I mean it's too easy. Do you want to sound hard? Or pissed? Do you want to shock your audience into silence? Whip out a 'fuck'. You'll get the response you desire.

A well-deserved 'fuck' can feel so tremendously good in your mouth. It's spicy and masterful. But an overused 'fuck' becomes just the opposite: floppy, wimpy, tasteless. And that's what I'm here to warn against.

Let's, all of us, stop overusing the same old words, the easy words, the trendy words. Words like: awesome and super and ginormous and yes, even one of my favorites: fuck. And let's bring back words that have fallen into the backs of our closets and become forgotten. Words like: brazen and foisted and spritely and flibbertigibbet. 

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  1. flibbertigibbet?

    Hehehehehe! OK, I kind of love this.
    BUT YES. OH YES, I AGREE SO MUCH. And there are other words which have become so broad they're practically meaningless. It's why, I think, I like reading well written posts and reviews that kind of show, rather than trying to sum up an entire reading experience by 'I LOVED IT!' or, inversely, 'HATED'. ♥ this post ^__^

  2. Thanks for your thoughtfully BRAZEN comment! And may I add that you're quite the FLIBBERTIGIBBET? :-P