Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Friend Thea, The Book Vlogger


Let's talk about book reviews and indie publishing! And let's talk about one of my most successful author friends, Thea Isis Gregory. (Follow her!) (Read her blog!)

I met Thea on Twitter. We shared a common love of zombies, short stories, and getting silly-scared, so of course we hit it off write away. (See what I did there? Cute, huh?) She calls me Big Sis. I call her Canadian Sis. We're awesome.

And I've been way impressed watching Thea grow and evolve as a writer. She started out indie publishing like me. Since then, though, she's been published by a small-but-up-and-coming press, Curiosity Quills and has ventured into book review vlogging. She's even been kind enough to vlog her reviews of a few of my stories:  

She wears a jaunty cap. She has an adorable accent. She writes. She vlogs. She's my Canadian sister Thea.

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