Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adventures in Bartending 2: I Get Layered

A Couple o' X-Rated Shots!

I like shots. I like taking shots in celebration. I like taking shots while watching horribly bad movies to get shit-faced. I like ugly shots. I like spicy shots. But most of all I like pretty shots. And the prettiest shots, in my opinion, are layered shots.

So of course, for my Adventures in Bartending, I've decided to learn how to make pretty layered shots. And the first two I'm gonna try are the Slippery Nipple and the Hot Pink Pussy!

First up: the Hot Pink Pussy! It turned out GREAT. Yummy and so very very pretty! All pink and stuff. See?

Hot Pink Pussy from the side

The recipe is simple: equal parts Hot Damn and Tequila Rose. The recipe I found online called for Firewater schnapps instead of Hot Damn, but who cares, right?
And this shot KILLED. This definitely goes in the Adventures in Bartending Winner's Circle!

Next up is the Slippery Nipple! I tried to make these last night without much success. The two liquids just didn't want to layer. They wanted to mix. So the shots just looked muddy and unappetizing. But last night I followed the recipe, which called for floating the Irish Cream on top of the Black Sambuca. Because of the success of the Hot Pink Pussy, though, tonight I decided to layer the Black Sambuca on top.

The result?

Slippery Nipples!

Notice how the Irish Cream is on the top? That's the wonder of science! I poured the Irish Cream into the shot glasses first, then slowly trickled the Black Sambuca on top over the back of a spoon as my bartender's guides instruct. But then lo and behold! The Sambuca fell through the Irish Cream to the bottom of the glasses, and the Irish Cream rose to the top, and they formed clean layers and YAY! I'm so pleased with how pretty these shots turned out.

AS with the Hot Pink Pussy, the recipe for the Slippery Nipple is very simple: equal parts Irish Cream and Black Sambuca.

All in all I have to declare this Bartending Adventure a success!!!


  1. You are becoming quite the bartender. Can't wait to see th rest of your blogging adventures.

  2. Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading my silly thoughts as much as I enjoy writing them. :-)