Saturday, September 6, 2014

Adventures in Self-Marketing, Planning a Book Launch, and Keeping the Whiskey at Hand

So you know that I've decided to continue with my Adventure in Self-Publishing, which I dove into way back in January of 2011 with an ambitious short thriller called Charlie, the first in a year-long series. 

I'm pleased with my decision. Self-publishing is NOT what it used to be. It's mostly lost it's stigma. Once upon a time it was an expensive exercise in vanity. Today it's about creative control and expedience. And, increasingly, self-publishing is the way to make the most money.

But self-publishing also means that I'm COMPLETELY in control of my own fate. Completely. It's all about me and my own efforts. No one else is gonna toot my book's horn. And man, can it be exhausting! But I believe in my book, The Road to Nowhere. I'm not shy. I'll tell ya all about it, in my continuing blog series Adventures in Self Publishing!

But sometimes it drives me to drink. So I keep the Whiskey handy. 

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