Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Love Letter to The Troubled Heroines of John Green Novels

Dear Katherine, Alaska, and especially Margo Roth Spiegelman:

I love you. I love your cleverly-disguised awkwardness. I love the masks you wear to hide your self-consciousness. I love how you curse and quote books above your reading level to express the feelings you can barely stand. I love how you lie. I love that you smoke, and drink, and lead impressionable boys on. I love that you find the future--and all life outside your borders--at once terrifying and impossible to resist. I love that you flirt with running away as easily as you flirt with suicide. I love that you treat philosophy as seriously as most girls your age treat college applications. I love that you scoff at such mundane things as college applications. I love how you collect ideas the way others collect stuffed animals and make-up. I love your daring. I love your recklessness. I love your careless disregard for other's feelings.

I. Love. You.

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